Community Guideline

Last Updated: December 15, 2021

Spatialnode’s mission is to create a platform where Geospatial professionals and enthusiasts can get to showcase their projects and skillsets, for career development and opportunities. The platform will frown at any attitude that will taint its principle and that of its users. In view of this, we have carefully curated a guideline stating the “allowed” and “not allowed” on the platform. This is to ensure that the interests and the value of the community and her people are protected.


Spatialnode is designed to present you with opportunities that suit your capability to give assurance to recruiters that they could get the best talents fit for their projects on the platform. Your portfolio will be the go-to for them to be sure you are exactly what they want. Your portfolio incredibility will taint the value and could impede the goal of the community.

  • You can structure your “about” to your delight, as long as it’s portraying the value of the community.
  • You are to post a project you personally worked on, if you will be posting a team project, tag or mention other members of the project.
  • You can use an avatar in place of your personal picture as your display picture.
  • You are to post geospatial projects and their correlative.
Not Allowed
  • Impersonation with names, profile pictures, or other details thinking, could provide you with more or better opportunities
  • Exaggeration and a false statement about yourself and your skills. This can negatively influence the credibility of the community if you got hired through spatialnode and you fail to deliver.
  • The projects you add to your portfolio must be the ones you can account for or your personal works, updating your portfolio with stolen projects or plagiarized works is highly prohibited.
  • Degrading or condemning other software or tools while giving a description of your project.
  • Projects out of contexts or that violate the values Spatialnode stands for are not allowed. - Creating dual or multiple portfolios.

Spatialnode frowns at any activities or attitude that portrays unfairness or prejudice among its users. Spatialnode is a community for all geospatial professionals and enthusiasts with no preferential treatment for any ethnicities. This attitude will not be permitted among its users also.You are not allowed to degrade or condemn any software or tools while giving a description of your project.

  • Users can give constructive criticism to projects and can give suggestions to talents on how to improve their skills or approach.
  • Users can commend talents and projects they find fascinating.
Not Allowed
  • Hateful or abusive words towards projects or talents.
  • Mocking, disparaging, or attacking talents and projects through comments.
  • Negative criticism and condemnation of projects, tools and it approaches through comments.
  • Insensitive humor or comments on projects or about a talent. - Comments that show the use of violence or disrespect.
NOTE: Any user found guilty of any of the above, will be removed from the community without any warning.