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Nafiu OpeyemiUpdated: May 21, 2022. 2 min. read.

How to create a Project?

Creating a Project on Spatialnode is very easy. You populate your portfolio by adding projects to it. Follow these steps to create a Project.

  1. Login to your dashboard with your credentials.
  2. On the project page, click “Add New”
  3. A page where you can upload your project will appear.
  4. Add an image (png, jpeg or gif) of your project
  5. Within the description tag, Give a detailed description of your project, this helps in understanding your project and how you accomplished it.
  6. List tools, plugins or libraries used in executing the project.
  7. Add tags such as (#arcgis, #qgis, #flooding ) for your project
  8. Add a demo link to your project, if you have
  9. Click on “Add Project”