Search and Rescue Simulation Task File

Zach Torres
Zach Torres

October 16, 2022

Search and Rescue Simulation Task File

In this project, I built a task file in ArcGIS Pro to guide a GIS Analyst team through simulated Search and Rescue operation workflows. A task is a set of preconfigured steps that guide a user through a repeatable workflow. They can be used as training aids or to make workflows more efficient by consolidating tools and interfaces in the Tasks pane.

I learned how to use a task to insert data, make edits, browse the map, and export a map series to PDF. I also practiced organizing a task item and creating a task based on a repeatable workflow. This task included step actions, verifications, a geoprocessing model, and a palette step. Finally, I saved a task item as a task file, opened the task file in a new project, and resolved errors and matched data to make the task usable in the new project to ensure interoperability for other users on different machines.

I have continued to use best practices in task item design with numerous ArcGIS Pro projects under a non-disclosure agreement as a volunteer with SIL International.

Click on the demo link below to download my .EsriTasks file for yourself!


Tools used

ArcGIS ProTask Designer

Plug-ins used

Layout ExportSelect by Location toolTask Items


EsriSearch & RescueTask File

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