Spatialnode 2022 #mappychallenge


July 03, 2022

Spatialnode 2022 #mappychallenge
Spatialnode 2022 #mappychallenge
Spatialnode 2022 #mappychallenge
Spatialnode 2022 #mappychallenge
Spatialnode 2022 #mappychallenge

The 2022 Mappy Challenge will be engaging geospatial professionals and enthusiasts to create maps and geospatial projects of their choice for due recognition and rewards. The goal of the competition is to engage the community and encourage the creativity of geospatial professionals and enthusiasts.

Competition Description

Theme: 2022 Mappy Challenge 

Shoutout: Special shoutout to @mohamed_gamal for sharing with us this competition idea in the last user survey!


  • Engage geospatial professionals and enthusiasts to be creative with map making and improve their cartography skills.


  • We welcome participation from all Geospatial professionals and enthusiasts across the world. Those on the judging team of the contest can not enter. 

Tool Preference: The tools and software you use are entirely up to you, showcase your creatography and your cartogravity! Ensure you comply with the software licenses!

Competition HashTag

  • #mappychallenge 

Judging Criteria for Participants

  1. A detailed description of the project uploaded on their Spatialnode portfolio 
  2. Map quality 
  3. Visual Appeal
  4. Originality : Only submit maps you own!
  5. Creativity
  6. Effective use of Cartographic elements
  7. Effective communication

Additional Criteria ( Less Important)

  1. Project Analytics : Number of likes and comments

Competition Duration

  1. Competition commencement : July 4th, 2022.
  2. The competition ends : July 31st, 2022.
  3. The winners of the competition will be announced in August after selection by Geoluminous Co. Ltd. and Spatialnode representatives.

Prizes and Rewards

Spatialnode will acknowledge all participants and reward winners from the first to the third (1st-3rd) positions.

1st Postition

  • A cash prize of 150$
  • A certificate of recognition
  • A month showcase of the map on Spatialnode landing page
  • Public showcase
  • A Gold badge on their Portfolio
  • 3 Journals + Pack of 10 Greeting Card + 1 Pack of Geocharade

2nd Position

  • A cash prize of 100$
  • A certificate of recognition
  • Public showcase
  • A Silver badge on their Portfolio
  • 2 Journals + Pack of 10 Greeting Card + 1 Pack of Geocharade

3rd Position

  • A cash prize of 50$
  • A certificate of recognition
  • Public showcase
  • A bronze badge on their Portfolio
  • 1 Journals + Pack of 5 Greeting Card 


  1. Only project made public will be considered
  2. Map participants will be published on Spatialnode website on the Hall of Fame page.

How to Participate

  1. Register/Login to Spatialnode
  2. Create a new project and upload your map
  3. Provide the description, tools, plugins and study area
  4. Use the #mappychallenge as tag 
  5. Publish your project


Subscribe to the Geoluminous Carto Directory if you are open to Cartographic jobs.

Share this opportunity with your geobuddies. It's more fun with a team.

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