QGIS Dam/Reservoir Resiliency Study

Naomi Yates
Naomi Yates

January 19, 2022

QGIS Dam/Reservoir Resiliency Study

This is the QGIS final project I completed with partners Kathleen Mohla and Matt Paris in the Summer 2021 Geography 25 course at Shasta College.

It is a written project proposal for a hypothetical GIS project we designed for a real local problem, the effect of the drought on 8 existing and 1 proposed California reservoir.

My role on the student team was to:

  • research the California water system and its constituent organizations,
  • gather the data and metadata used for making the maps,
  • write the text and format the report, with feedback from the team.
  • I also digitized the proposed Sites Reservoir footprint in QGIS.

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